Want to Visit Canada?

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If you just simply want to Visit Canada you can do so by getting a Temporary Residents Visa


Here is how click on the link to be directed to my other blog.

Visiting Canada – Tourist Visa application for Canada



Check your application Status for Canada

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If you have a Canadian Visa application and you do now know how to check your Canada Application Status for your Visa, you can go to the CIC website.


Or you can read my post at my other blog, about Canada Application status check.




Canada Application Status

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program – AINP

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Have you heard about the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program in Canada?

AINP as it is commonly known is a way for you to immigrate to Canada by being nominated by the province.

There are several ways for you to handle this nomination, to read about the detailed requirements of this program please click on the following and read from my other blog.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program – AINP summary

Maquest Canada what is it?

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Mapquest Canada is a virtual map that aims to guide newcommers and travellers to Canada alike.

It has real cool features including Video, a mobile application that you can portably carry whenever you need directions while in Canada.

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Mapquest Canada: Driving Direction, Map and Video

Mapquest Manitoba, Mapquest Alberta, Mapquest Saskatchewan, Mapquest Quebec, Mapquest Canada, Mapquest

IELTS Canada Requirement

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Have you ever wondered what is required to prove your English Proficiency for Canada?

Have you heard about the International English Laguage Testing System? or IELTS?

To give a detail explanation on this concern, please click on the link to be directed to my other blog:

IELTS Canada

blog now active again

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I apologize to the readers of this old blog of mine.   I have not updated it for a long time. Anyway, to keep you posted here are some links to the other blog I maintain about Canada:

Catching the next big wave – Immigrating to Canada learning your options

Canada cap as of January 16, 2012

how you can contact the Centralized Intake Office

foreign worker qualifications assessment

Should you want to have your credentials assessed email your resume to jaraneta@go2canada.com



Road Trip?

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A lot of my clients who landed in Canada would normally go on a weekend getaway.

And for such an activity a good map would do wonders.

To know which map they prefer, please click on the following link:

Mapquest for Canada maps and directions